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        Recipes to Inspire You



This is a huge hit with at potluck parties – and a great healthy meal for you too! It really is a complete meal.  Chop extra kale, and veggies, store separately, and assemble when you need it, adding salad dressing and nuts at that stage.)


Always add the following ingredients:

Kale (preferably organic) - washed & chopped very finely or bite size pieces (your preference)

English Cucumber – julienned and unpeeled (if English)

Red Peppers preferably organic)  – chopped

Onions – finely chopped (go easy if you don’t want the flavor to be too strong)

Choose one from each of the following categories:

Nuts: cashews, almonds sliced, walnuts, pecans – lightly toasted

Fruit: apples, mango, clementines - chopped

Dried Fruit: chickpeas, cannellini, adzuki - drained and rinsed (or any other bean – low sodium). 

                  Beans are an optional addition – I add it when I want a complete meal

Dried Fruit: papaya, mango, apple, raisins, cranberries, yellow raisins (or any other dried fruit you like)


Galeo’s Miso Ginger & Wasabi Dressing (Whole Foods),

Raspberry Vinegrette or

WF Tangerine dressing (any sweet dressing)


In a large bowl massage the dressing into the leaves. 

Then combine all the ingredients above except the toasted cashews.

Add nuts right before serving (or they will get soggy).


This is a huge hit with kids – this is my teenage daughter’s staple diet with frozen blueberries after school each day!


2 c hemp or soy milk (vanilla preferable – almond milk works well for a sweeter result)

1 cup of almonds  (can play around with nut ratio – cashews make it more creamy)

1 cup of cashews

14 dates (can adjust according to taste) if I remember I will soak them in milk beforehand in the container

2-4 T Baking Cocoa (good quality – I use Organic & Fairly Traded)

Blend in Vitamix or other high powered blender until smooth and creamy.  It takes a little while blending it before it starts to thicken up to the consistency of pudding.  Don’t waste any, add milk at the end to make hot chocolate (may need to add more baking cocoa/nuts/dates.  This recipe is great to tweek to suit your own palate – play with it.

So easy, kids love to make it!

There are various ways to serve this:


Delicious served with sliced apple, over strawberries, oranges

Great over frozen sliced strawberries, frozen blueberries/berry mix

or frozen banana on stick


Make it thicker  (add more cashews) and serve as a pudding


Freeze in popsicle containers and serve

Hot Choc:

To clean out the container - leave some behind, add milk (with little more powder or dates if needed) and blend until steaming

This is a great way to hide nuts and you can add a few handfuls of fresh spinach for extra nutrients. Packed with antioxidants!

More recipes coming!

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