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In America we have the second to last healthy life expectancy of 23 industrialized countries.

We spend double the amount on health care of all modern nations and have the worst health.1

Start Fresh is a Nutritional Educational Program that can help you move from diet fads

to health facts. We give you the knowledge, skills and support so that you can

take control of your health. Start Fresh makes it easy and enjoyable to give

your body the nutrients it needs to improve your health, weight and vitality.

When you learn and follow the program it is possible to 2:

  1. Lose weight permanently and safely, the natural way

  2. Conquer food addictions and cravings

  3. Reverse lifestyle induced diseases like diabetes,

                 arthritis, heart attacks, etc.

  1. Reduce your dependency on medications

  2. Lower cholesterol and prevent or reverse high blood pressure

  3. Feel younger, more energetic and live a high-quality,

                 long and healthy life and avoid dementia

  1. Help your children grow up strong, healthy and disease free

The key to achieving superior health and permanent weight control for

you and those you love is: eat more nutrient-rich foods and fewer high-calorie,

low-nutrient foods. It works because the more naturally healthy

food you consume, the less processed food you desire. Since the desire for

these unhealthful foods will naturally diminish over time, simply focus on

learning how to enjoy eating more high-nutrient foods. Start Fresh can help

you discover the joy of eating the right foods for your body.

Email or call today to schedule a Free 15 minute consultation.

Is it time to Start Fresh?

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1 Abrahamson, M.D., John. Overdosed America (Harper 200S)

2 Fuhrman, M.D. Joel, Eat to Live (2003, 2011)